ENA- Why did you take Safe in Common's Needlestick Safety Pledge?

At the ENA conference in September healthcare workers shared with us why they took Safe in Commmon's Needlestick Safety Pledge.Check out to learn more.

AHE- What is your experience with needlestick injuries?

At the AHE conference we spoke with healthcare workers who shared their personal stories with needlestick injuries. Check out to learn more.

ENA- Why did you become a nurse?

This video profiles the reasons why some of the people we met at the ENA conference decided to pursue a career in nursing. Check out to learn more.

AANP - Why Are You a Nurse?

Over the course of the Needlestick Safety Advocacy Tour, we have the opportunity to talk to thousands of nurses about their experiences in the field. This video profiles the reasons why some of the people we met at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) conference in June decided to pursue a career in nursing. Don't forget to make your pledge to end needlesticks at

AVA leaders talk needlestick saftey

AVA leaders talk needlestick safety and the importance of Safe In Common in all their efforts to promote safe work environments for our healthcare personnel. Make your pledge to end needlesticks at

APIC 2012 - Interview with Lynn Hadaway

Safe in Common sits down with Lynn Hadaway, President of Hadaway & Associates, and discusses the continued need to eliminate needlesticks. Make your pledge to end needlesticks at

Sick by Shel Silverstein (Protect Nurses!)

Adorable second graders read Shel Silverstein's poem "Sick" and ask you to sign the Needlestick Safety Pledge to protect nurses from dangerous needlestick injuries!

APIC Video

Safe in Common promotes needlestick safety at the annual APIC conference.

Safe In Common Chairperson Dr. Mary Foley takes the pledge to raise awareness for needlestick

Safe in Common Chairperson Dr. Mary Foley, PhD, RN, former President of the American Nursing Association and a U.S. leader for needlestick prevention believes Safe in Common offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness of needlestick injuries. She thinks there is more that needs to be done despite advances made in needlestick prevention. She has seen fellow coworkers become ill and even die due to occupational injuries. Dr. Foley believes we should prevent this from ever happening again and her goal is to end needlestick injuries for good.

Thank You Nurses!

This nurse's week Safe in Common would like to thank all of the healthcare personnel that protect us everyday. In order for us to protect them take the pledge to prevent needlesticks at

May iPad Winner: Kathleen

May's iPad Winner Kathleen tells us why she took the pledge and invites Safe in Common to Georgia's student nursing conference.

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